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Jana Bechstein

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I am so glad that I learned about Veggiecation and proposed adding it to our Wellness Program offerings.  Not only were great CHES CEUs earned, this program has been a wonderful addition to our department.  It has given us great tools to educate local children and adults in many different settings.  I would definitely recommend Veggiecation!

Jana E. Bechstein MPH, CHES, NASM: CPT & FNS

Veggiecator Educator, Ohio

Jenna Stock


My team and I have been so fortunate to have been Veggie Educated by the Veggiecation program. The Veggiecation program has given my team the ability to spread the love of vegetables and wellness to a larger population at a single time, while maintaining a fun and educational experience. Veggiecation has furthered our creativity when leading kids’ events & the Veggiecation method of teaching classes has provided us with a great frame work to get kids even more involved in our classes. I believe that the program has enhanced my team of registered dietitians' abilities to effectively and efficiently teach children how to cook and appreciate veggies!


- Jenna A. Werner (Stock), RD

Veggiecator Educator, NJ

Manager of Corporate Retail Health & Wellness

ShopRite Inserra Supermarkets


Kimmell Proctor

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I completed the online certification training a few months ago and it's been a great complement to my health coaching niche of working with schools and youth organizations. Veggiecation's training is quick & affordable and provides all the skills and tools to teach their healthy kids cooking classes. Best of all they provide all the business and marketing resources you need to help make extra money in your coaching business!


- Kimmell Proctor

Veggiecator Educator, Pennsylvania

Judy Prager

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I love being a Veggiecation educator! The kids really love helping make the food and then willingly try and enjoy the veggies.

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who has worked with preschool children for more than 10 years I have seen children's attitudes about food change when we expose them to new foods.  Many children do not like a food simply because they have not been exposed to it due to cultural differences, financial inability or simply because nobody has served it to them before.

When children participate in the preparation they are more likely to taste the food, and by telling them that it's ok not to like it, but  that they should taste it is very powerful.  Veggiecation has proven to be a fun, educational way to teach children about vegetables and to actually taste and enjoy new foods or new ways to eat them.  I just love working with the children and watching them expand their taste palate.


- Judy Pragar, RDN, CDN 

Veggiecation Educator, Connecticut


Lori Drouin

loriAs a dietitian and a mother of five I have always been passionate about children's health and nutrition. I believe that teaching children at a young age how to.make healthy choices can only be beneficial.  I love to watch the kids reaction when I come to their classrooms because they are so excited to learn about nutrition and can't wait to take home the recipe and share it with their families.

Veggiecation has allowed me to combine my knowledge and my passion and turn them into an incredible experience teaching in day care centers, activity centers, after school programs, summer camps, etc. 

- Lori Drouin 

Veggiecator Educator, New Jersey


TreVon White AKA Soul Vegan Diva

TreVonWhitePicMy ultimate goal is to teach families that they CAN prioritize healthy eating for the whole family and fit healthy living into the context of their busy lifestyle - and that it can be easy & fun. Veggication has by far been one the most simplistic yet still knowledgeable programs out there and it has helped me achieve my goal of creating a healthier Texas, one family at a time!


- TreVon White AKA Soul Vegan Diva

Veggiecator Educator, Texas

Stephanie Reed

StephanieReedPicJoining Veggiecation has been a rewarding, enriching and fun experience for me, as a professional and a mother. I've watched children's views on vegetables and healthy eating transform from, "I don't really like that." to "Can I have some more, please!" in minutes. It's great to be part of a diverse team that teaches children about their relationship with food in a creative, curriculum-based and hands-on way.

Veggiecation has inspired me to bring my son into the kitchen as a sous chef. Always eager to try new foods, he is delighted to roll up his sleeves to help make our meals at home more special. Our time cooking together is an opportunity to expand his palate, improve his reading and math literacy, and build on the foundation of what I hope will become a lifelong love of vegetables and cooking.


- Stephanie Reed 
Veggiecator Educator, New Jersey


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