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Founding Date:

October 2009


Lisa Suriano, Founder and Owner



Veggiecation was founded in 2009 by Lisa Suriano. After working in the school food industry for many years, Lisa saw a need to incorporate nutrition education in elementary schools.

She originally developed the program to help teachers incorporate vegetable education into their existing curriculum. However, over the years the goals and methods of Veggiecation have evolved to bring nutrition education to communities outside of the traditional classroom setting.

Lisa recognized a great need to develop culinary skills and hands-on experiences with fresh produce. As a result, she created an effective and fun method to teach children and families to cook simple, unique and affordable recipes to enjoy together.

As the demand for these lessons grew, Lisa decided that Veggiecation would have an even wider impact if she could empower other passionate individuals to conduct their own Veggiecation programs in communities across the country. Thus, growing the Veggiecator Nation!

Currently, Veggiecation has school programming in 30 states and Canada, as well as active Veggiecator’s all over the nation. Through regional partnerships with Whole Foods Market and HealthFirst Insurance we are also able to reach a variety of groups in grocery stores, hospitals and community centers.



Veggiecation was developed from the passionate belief that nutrition is one of the most relevant and critical subjects to be taught. It is an issue that every person will need to address at a minimum of three times a day, everyday for his or her entire life. Food choices have an impact on every part of a person’s being: physical health and disease prevention, growth and development, energy and thought process, self-esteem and body image, as well as, mood and behavior. Yet, as important an issue as nutrition is, it is commonly ignored by the education system and disregarded by most people.

Veggiecation seeks to shine a spotlight on this crucial topic and demonstrate how simple and delicious healthy eating can be.

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