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Tuesday, 30 July 2013 16:31

A Day at the Museum

Veggiecation Founder, Lisa Suriano, being sweet, not snappy, as she veggiecates on our Sweet and Snappy Salad! Veggiecation Founder, Lisa Suriano, being sweet, not snappy, as she veggiecates on our Sweet and Snappy Salad!

Ever since attending the opening reception for Our Global Kitchen in November, we have been excited to return and participate! Talk about a food atmosphere, my oh my was the energy high as museum guests rekindled their relationship with food. It's impossible not to, when around every corner your senses are engaged as you absorb new information about the history and future of food. By the time guests weaved their way through the exhibition, they were well educated and now ready to be Veggiecated!

Our Working Kitchen, sponsored by Whole Foods, is a functioning kitchen enclosed in glass that invites curious passersby to participate. We were in the veggie zone as we served heath to over 2000 people! Our very own Sweet and Snappy Salad, featuring Celebrity Celery was the recipe for day one. Super Spinach dazzled the crowd in an early Valentine's Day showing in our Sweetheart Smoothie on day two!

Children, parents, teachers, and museum volunteers walked away with the skills and information needed to create these two fun, affordable, and healthy recipes. Most importantly, they understood why they should enjoy them. This is what we love, giving people the reasons and abilities to have a positive relationship with healthy eating!

Real Nutrients from Real Food!


Here at Veggiecation, we're all about being real, and what's more real than the health benefits of unprocessed whole foods! Let's take a look at the two veggies utilized at the American Museum of Natural History: celery and spinach.

The best approach to utilizing the health found in these fresh veggies... is eating them fresh! A more attractive looking plant is a healthier plant and provides you with more flavor, texture, and nutrients than a wilted gloomy veggie. When storing spinach, do not wash, simply place in a plastic bag and refrigerate, eat within 5 days. Celery will last a little longer when stored in the same fashion, but why wait, eat up!

We all know Popeye loved his spinach, but we believe he was enjoying some celery on the side! Both of these green veggies will keep your immune system strong with their high levels of Vitamin C, while mentally sharp and happy from folate, yes, these are good mood foods! The combination of potassium, manganese, and vitamin K, provides great strength to your muscles and bones. These two veggies also have strong anti-inflammatory properties for a healthy heart and fighting the onset of many common diseases related to inflammation.

When looking at the health benefits found in these two power veggies, we have to believe Popeye was wise enough to enjoy both, he'd be stronger, happier, and healthier!

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