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Wednesday, 01 May 2013 07:10

First in the Country: Public Elementary School Goes Vegetarian!

The first all vegetarian lunch menu at a public school has arrived and it happens to be right in New York!  One of Veggiecation’s educational partners, the New York Coalition for Healthy School Food (NYCHSF) has played an key role in make this groundbreaking menu a reality.  Robert Groff, the principal of P.S. 224, located in Flushing Queens, said that in new menu was a “natural match” for their goal of creating a healthier school in general.    

What is especially exciting about this innovative menu is that children are enthusiastic about the food and aware of the benefits of eating healthy and nutritious food.  NYCHSF works to implement nutrition education to familiarize children with the importance of healthy eating.  They have also helped design recipes for the plant-based menu.  In the cafeteria, Veggiecation’s Informational Veggie Posters decorate the walls to help promote the health benefits of vegetables, beans, and herbs students are finding on their plates.

This distinct menu comes at a time when NYC Office of SchoolFood is sitting at the forefront of the better school food movement.  Could this school be the sign of significant change about the way we feed and educate children about food?  We hope so!

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