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Thursday, 22 September 2016 13:52

The Power of the Checklist

Guest Post by Certified Veggiecator Educator, Randi Kant

Four years into my diligent, yet circuitous pursuit of my envisioned cornucopia career, Veggiecation has taken its place as a cornerstone of my work as a wellness professional and health educator.   A sea of little 2-thumbs way up’s will forever make my heart swell as I know seeds of healthy habits and attitudes are being nurtured and taking root.  


Yes, over the course of a few dozen Veggiecation classes, much has been learned — certainly by the kids, but also by me.  I’m getting better and better at generating enthusiasm and excitement, keeping the kids focused, engaging the hesitant, and teaching a variety of ages and group sizes.  Thanks to VEN I’ve created wonderful flyers and registration forms and an impressive Business Proposal for meetings with potential partners and sites.

But the hardest skill I have yet to master?  Not forgetting anything. 

I have, at one time or another, and on more than one occasion, forgotten the following items:  can opener, bottom to the blender — I grabbed the bottom to the food processor, the frozen bananas in the freezer, all the refrigerated ingredients for the apple pie smoothie — I actually drove home to get them and came back, chickpeas, ice, straws, the posters.  I’m sure I could come up with a few more.

While these situations presented an opportunity for the kids and me to deal with the unexpected, as well as call in our resourcefulness, more often it left me (and only me, mind you) stressed and bummed out.

Enter:  the checklist

Having read, quite some time ago, Atul Gawande’s fascinating book, The Checklist Manifesto:  How to Get Things Right, I decided, albeit recently, that I must create a comprehensive Veggiecation checklist to “master the tasks I face.”  I’ll tackle procrastination next. 

As it continues to evolve, my Veggiecation Checklist has indeed saved me from a few (but not all) near misses.  And I have a certain peace of mind when I walk out the door that I didn’t have before.  Foolproof?  Nope.  I’ve found a quick glance and a few mental check, check, checks are not enough.  Back to the house for the frozen bananas...again.  To fully unleash the power of the checklist, I must use it thoughtfully and diligently.

So whether you’re a veteran Veggiecator Educator or a relative newcomer like me, consider employing this tool to avoid the Forgotten Item Blues I’ve needlessly suffered from all too often.  And look forward to the 2 thumbs way up’s you’ll be seeing soon!

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