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Veggiecation Portable Cooking Kit


This Kit is ideal for creating Veggiecation®’s “classroom-style recipes” in any setting. Our Kit includes:

  • One Large Veggiecation Tote Bag with Strap
  • One Kelly Green Veggiecation Apron
  • One 48oz Plastic Jar Blender
  • Three Mixing Bowls (2 Medium & Small)
  • One 3 qt Strainer
  • One Kid-Safe Knife
  • One Paring Knife with Sheath
  • One Cutting Board
  • One Kid-Safe Vegetable Peeler
  • One Large Mixing Spoon
  • One Heat-Resistant Spatula
  • One set of Measuring Cups
  • One set of Measuring Spoons
  • One pair of Food Tongs
  • One Small Whisk
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