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Tuesday, 01 October 2013 20:09

Encourage Kids to Cook on Food Day!

Food education and kids cooking is a growing movement that, needless to say, we at Veggiecation support with every fiber in our being.  For years, there has been a downward trend towards cheap and easy meals that come from a can or a bag.  Factors such as high sugar intake, little activity, and a lack of food knowledge have lead to a childhood obesity epidemic that could cause of the first generation of children with a shorter life expectancy than their parents.  When you consider junk food marketing and other socio-economic issues, how can we expect children to know any better?  - to make healthy food choices?  We can’t, and that’s why we need to increase food education, cooking classes, and above all, awareness.


Let’s Get Cooking with Kids

 is a nationwide call to action that wants to accomplish exactly what we are talking about.  Teach kids how to cook real food, educate them about what they’re eating, and make them aware of the fact that what they put into your body matters.  This movement is taking place on the 3rd Annual Food Day, October 24, 2013.  The goal is to change how kids approach food. 



Veggiecation has always held true to the idea that creating positive experiences with food (vegetables and other healthful whole foods), can have a lifelong impact on children.  Let’s Get Cooking with Kids wants to kick start that positive relationship by getting parents, educators, and advocates to take the time out to cook with children. 



Whether it is in your kitchen, at school, or at a public event, take some time out on the 24th to cook with children!  If you need inspiration, visit the Let’s Get Cooking with Kids website for recipes, nutrition took kids, and guides on how to set up a cooking class with kids!


About Food Day: Food Day is a nationwide celebration and a movement toward healthy, affordable, and sustainable food. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution is partnering with Food Day 2013 in order to bring Food Education in Schools. Click here to support the initiative!

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