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Thursday, 15 January 2015 10:46

Favorite Kids Cooking Tools

As Veggiecators we know (and research shows) that cooking with kids increase their intake and appreciation for healthy foods. With the right tools and attitude, cooking with kids can be fun and simple too! We have put together a list of Favorite Kids Cooking Tools that makes it easy to bring the whole family into the kitchen!

Measuring Cups and Spoons – Even if you’re the type to eyeball your measurements, a child doesn’t have that skill, practice, or coordination so you’ll want to make sure to include this in your assortment of kitchen tools.

  • Best Practice – Allow the child to hold the measuring cup/spoon as you pour the ingredient. If they are old enough, switch roles or allow them to both hold and pour at the same time. This will involve multiple children in one task so it’s a perfect tip for larger families!

measuring cups      measuring spoons

*We recommend Curious Chef. Their products are coloring, BPA free, and dishwasher safe!

Kids Safe Knife – A plastic serrated knife cuts more than you’d imagine! We provide them to all of our Veggiecator Educators and we love them because:

  • First and foremost, they’re safe!
  • They help train children in proper knife handling.
  • Some children are scared of sharp knives, the Curious Chef Kids Safe Knife makes kids feel comfortable and allows them to practice their knife skills

.Kids safe knife

*Another Curious Chef favorite of ours!

Blender – This is one of your most versatile kitchen tools. From smoothies and dips to soups, blenders allow you to introduce the concept of cooking to kids in an exciting way. Children absolutely LOVE using the blender, the roar of the motor is especially thrilling for them.

  • Best Practice – Start at the lowest setting and move up. Starting from the highest setting can cause the ingredients to get stuck.


*We use an Oster blender with a plastic jar. Plastic jars are lighter and easier for children to manage.

Vegetable Spiralizer – We love the vegetable spriralizer because it makes super healthy alternatives to pasta! Mix half zucchini noodles with half regular whole grain pasta and increase your veggie intake for the day! Plus, the right spiralizer is simple to use and great for kids to “twist and shake.”

  • We like to “twist and shake” our salt and pepper with the kids when we cook because it gets their whole body involved!

veggie sprirals

*You can purchase these on most websites, we got ours on Amazon.com.

Vegetable Chopper – These are great for children who don’t yet have the motor skills to chop vegetables. You can go with something similar to the slap chop or with something called a box chopper. Both involve pressing a blade into a vegetable and require a little bit of strength. You can help young children by placing their hands over yours as you press down.

  • These weren’t made for children, they were made to make the every day cook’s life a little easier! Cut chopping time down with either one of these products!

veg chop      vegetable chopper kids food 365rb031109

*The chopper on the left can be purchased at Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The one on the right can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Basic Citrus Juicer – Rather than buying lemon or lime juice for your recipes, purchase the fruit and juice it yourself! By doing so, you involve kids in cutting the citrus, squeezing the juice, and measuring out the needed quantities.

  • Best Practice – You can tell if the citrus have been thoroughly juiced by taking it off the juicer and checking to see if it’s hollow. Younger children will most likely need some assistance with juicing. Let them know they’ll have to press, twist, and squeeze! Also, this task is easier done while standing.


*This juicer can be purchased on Amazon.com.

What are some of the tools you use in your kitchen that simplify cooking with kids or in general? Leave a comment in the comments section, we’d love to hear form you!

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