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Thursday, 30 April 2015 12:55

Fear No Fruit

When you think of all the amazing produce in our supermarkets today, do you ever wonder how and where it came from? More and more, you can find exotic fruits and vegetables from all over the world in supermarkets and restaurants. From produce as common as Kiwis to something as unusual as Buddha’s Hand, you can attribute the introduction of many exotic fruits and vegetables to one company: Frieda’s Produce.


Frieda’s is a family operated company that distributes over 600 different varieties of fruits and vegetables. There are some products on their website which may have seemed strange when first introduced to the American market, but are now common supermarket finds. For instance, Kiwis, Pinenuts, and Habanero Chiles are widely known products across most supermarkets but that wasn’t always the case. Frieda Rappoort-Caplan is a bold business owner with a mission to change the way American’s eats fruits and vegetables.

And that doesn’t only mean changing what they eat, but also changing their attitudes about eating in general. Frieda’s #FearNoFruit campaign encourages people to eat one new fruit a day that scares you.

Screen Shot 2015 04 30 at 11.49.38 AM

We accepted the challenge and went to the supermarket yesterday to try something we’ve never cooked before: Chayote. Here’s some quick info on Chayote from Frieda’s product page.


  • Chayote (pronounced “chy-o-tay”) is a member of the gourd family with a smooth, green skin and mild, fresh zucchini-cucumber flavor. It has a single large seed inside that can be roasted and eaten along with the flesh.

Quick Usage Ideas

  • Steam and purée in creamy soups, bake, roast, or sauté with butter and fresh herbs. Treat as you would summer squashes, with slightly longer cooking time because of its firmer flesh.

Healthy Highlight

  • Low in calories (1 cup is only 100 calories!) and high in fiber.

Selection & Storage

  • Select full, firm and unblemished Chayote. Store refrigerated up to 2 weeks.

Frieda’s website offers recipes and nutrition details, but we free-styled in the kitchen, making two simple dishes with this squash like fruit. First, we cubed and boiled the chayote. 

IMG 0192

Then we made a simple guacamole with half.

IMG 0200

And sautéed the other half with kidney beans and curry spice.

IMG 0202

We loved it and are looking forward to experimenting with it some more! The texture was unusual – a little watery and similar to watermelon. The flavor wasn’t overwhelming, in fact, it seemed to absorb the seasonings that we made it with.

Join the #FearNoFruit campaign! Be brave and try something you’ve never tasted.

Snap a photo and use the hashtag #FearNoFruit!

Visit Frieda’s product page for information on hundreds of fruits and veggies that you’ve never heard of and get cooking!

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