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Thursday, 06 March 2014 12:09

Cooking Green Inside the Classroom with Green Bronx Machine

Veggiecation® has been longtime collaborators with an organization whose mission we wholeheartedly believe in, the Green Bronx Machine. This organization is dedicated to growing plants, knowledge, and “local economic engines” as Stephen Ritz, founder of GBM, likes to call it. We are in awe of the inspiring work and energy with which Stephen and GBM tackles issues of health, nutrition, sustainability, and equality. It’s for this exact reasons that we are so incredibly excited for a new endeavor that we recently launched with this amazing organization called the Tower to Table Program: Zero Miles to Your Plate!


This program will combine the growing power of the Green Bronx Machine with the practical knowledge of how to turn fresh produce into meals taught by Veggiecation®. Independently, our organizations are strong and teach children and communities valuable lessons on green living and clean eating. Combined we are greater than the sum of our parts; bringing schools and communities a complete seed to table cycle.

The Tower to Table Program is an indoor gardening and culinary-nutrition education program for your school or community that will illustrate the most intrinsic food system participants will ever witness. Plant, grow, harvest, cook, and eat within a single room!

The Tower Garden is a soil-free, low-energy, aeroponic growing system that uses water and air to grow delicious and nutritious vegetables (pictured below).

If you can’t tell from the picture, this garden takes up only a small space of so it’s perfect for schools and other venues with limited space. The high-wattage fluorescent lights allow the garden to flourish even in basement or window-less room, if necessary! This incredible garden can be successful with the most limited resources. All you need is 20 gallons of water, an electrical outlet, and the desire to grow, harvest, and eat your own veggies!

Together, Green Bronx Machine and Veggiecation® will develop a cross-content, Common Core-based educational component for growing and healthfully preparing veggies in schools!

What’s included in the Tower to Table Program

  • The Veggiecation® Health Kids Cooking Training (includes all the necessary equipment and educational materials needed for incorporating culinary-nutrition lessons)
  • A Green Bronx Machine cross-content curriculum (includes lessons for math, science, art, etc) 
    • Coming Soon!
  • Tower Garden Growing System (includes all start up supplies to begin growing your garden)

The pilot school for this program, at PS 55 in the Bronx, has just began their adventure with the Tower to Table Program! Expect more blog posts about PS 55 and watch the story of this new program unfold. In the meantime, here are some pictures of health advocates from various organizations building the gardens.

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