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Tuesday, 06 August 2013 11:41

Kids Cooking Class Opportunity Made Available to Whole Foods Markets Across the Country!

Over the past two years, Veggiecation has partnered with the Northeast Region of Whole Foods Market to bring Free Kids Cooking Classes to customers in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.  During these cooking classes, children enthusiastically take part in the preparations and tastings of Veggiecation recipes. Whole Foods Market provides their high-quality ingredients for these tasty nutrition health lessons. The first of these classes was held in the Upper West Side store in 2011 only to expand to over 20 stores over the course of the next 12 months. 


The success of the classes has recently sparked interest in other Whole Food Market regions. With the new online training that we’ve made available to food and nutrition enthusiasts across the country, it is now possible to bring the Veggiecation method to Whole Foods across the country.


It’s a very exciting time for us to expand and explore our relationship with Whole Foods. With the Veggiecation Educator Training Workshop (VETW) that we are offering to the public, we hope to spread the word that eating healthy is an easy option!  By bringing these classes to Whole Foods across the country, we can further that dream by reaching people as they shop for their families. 


The Whole Foods classes are a wonderful time for kids and parents to come together in a safe and comfortable environment. Fueled by positive peer pressure, children are laughing and learning throughout these experiences. Although not every child dares to try the new dishes, a seed of curiosity is planted by observing the numerous smiles of those who do! We have many returning families that describe these Veggiecation cooking programs as part of their family regiment.


Keep an eye out for Veggiecation in a Whole Foods Market near you!

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