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Thursday, 19 February 2015 14:25

Kids Food Reboot

As you probably already know, our program runs on the belief that we can grow a love for vegetables in children by getting them hands on in the cooking process and by offering them nutrition information that is most relevant to growing bodies and minds. We know, as research supports, that exposure to nutrient dense foods increases the frequency of children’s consumption of them.


It takes 12-15 exposures...

to a new food before a child will choose that food on their own.

Knowing this, it makes sense that we would want to feed our kids healthful, whole foods but that isn’t the current trend. Kid’s menus across the board usually consist of:

- pizza

- macaroni and cheese

- chicken fingers

- grilled cheese

- hot dogs

- etc!

None of the above implies healthy food. In fact, we are junking down menus for children because that’s what they “like,” but what if we were to actually try and change behaviors, rather than give in to bad habits?

Kids Food Reboot is a campaign created by FamilyCook Productions. The goal of the campaign is “support parents to serve their children real food that can be enjoyed by the whole family – at home or away from home.” The campaign’s effort to navigate away from the idea that there is a difference in food for children and food for adults starts with a very simple idea: there is no such thing as “kids food.”

Kids food is a simple solution for parents with picky eaters. As we’ve stated previously in previous blogs, it’s natural for children to go through phases of pickiness. Babies will start off eating almost anything, but once a toddler starts to become aware of different textures, smells, and tastes, there’s a chance they will develop picky habits. This is a common phenomenon known as neophobia, or, a fear of the new. The solution to a child’s fear of new foods is not giving into it; it’s about calming those fears! Through education and repetitive interactions, we can reduce these fears and change a child’s attitudes about food!

Kids Food Reboot is taking this concept and asking parents and restaurants alike to take action! On their list of goals is:

1) Encourage restaurants and families to serve the same meals to kids and adults, just adjust the portion size.

2) Support families to cook one meal for all, model positive food behaviors, and explore new cuisines and ingredients.

We happily and passionately support the efforts of this campaign. Like Kids Food Reboot, Veggiecation seeks to empower parents to make healthy food choices for the whole family

If you want to get involved with Kids Food Reboot in your own home, view their Eight Tips to Move Beyond Nuggets and Mac N’ Cheese! Explore the resource list for recipes, restaurant finder, books, and related blogs! 

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