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Friday, 09 May 2014 15:31

The Joy of Cooking (with Kids!)

Whether you’re a parent, educator, nutritionist, food enthusiast, or just love working with kids – teaching children about healthy cooking is always a super fun and fulfilling experience! We can all admit that children have an excitement about life that starts to fade as you get older. Their brains are naturally filled with a wonder and passion that most adults have to struggle to maintain. One way that we, at Veggiecation, have maintained our child-like view of the word is by cooking with children and educating them about healthy eating.


By getting kids excited about vegetables, we, in turn, get excited by their response to our class. By having them do the “salt and pepper twist-and-shake,” we find ourselves dancing with them. By answering the questions that their minds come up with, new ideas come to our own minds.

Kids are often eager to participate and taste in our Healthy Cooking Classes because we empower them to cook on their own while teaching them about nutrition information that is most relevant to them. What we’ve noticed is that once you get started with a group, they get hungry for more and more information!

At a recent class with a group of sixth graders, we had to cut the question session short because the kids had so many of them! They wanted to know the healthiest way to cook vegetables, the differences between various oils, and about organic food vs. conventional food. That was an exciting moment because it illustrates just how important and needed what we do is. Children want to know these things; it’s just a matter of making sure they are getting the information.

To illustrate this point, we recently visited a class at St Anne’s Elementary School in East Harlem to highlight a class in action. From beginning to end, the kids were enthusiastic, patient, and eager to learn about veggies! Going to a class, whether to observe it or teach it is easily the most refreshing and inspiring part of our job!

 4.18.14 360

It’s always surprising how willing kids are to answer questions and share their knowledge!

4.18.14 355

Smile and pose while you chop that spinach! 

4.18.14 357 

This little boy was great! He was very focused every time it was his turn to participate.  

 4.18.14 361

Teamwork and patience is key in the cooking process.

4.18.14 369

Can everyone twist and shake with us for the salt and pepper? 

4.18.14 381 

OK! Now who reeeeeaaalllly liked the Green Hummus?  

4.18.14 393

The class was all smiles are they worked on their coloring pages at the end of the recipe. 

4.18.14 412 

Cheers for eating healthy!

4.18.14 398

Smiles all around!

4.18.14 420 

Teaching healthy kids cooking classes allows us to step outside of the office and more importantly, ourselves. Let’s face it, being goofy to a group of strangers gets less and less appropriate the older that group gets – working with kids allows our inner child to come out. Smiling, laughing, and dancing comes easily with a group of children.


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