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Wednesday, 18 November 2015 11:34

Veggiecator Educator of the Month: Kelly Trochanowski

You could say that Kelly Trochanowski was on the path to health and wellness from an early age. She went to a high school that focused on health and science and unlike most college freshman, Kelly’s decision to major in nutrition came very easily. Like us, Kelly believes that food has the ability to affect both your physical and mental conditions. This belief drives her to look for ways to expand her nutritional horizons in life and online.

Kelly is from Neptune, NJ, a small beach town near the Jersey shore. The neighborhood is right next to the Shark River, making it the perfect outdoor escape for anyone with a love for nature. Like our founder, Lisa Suriano, Kelly is also a graduate of Montclair State University. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition with a concentration in dietetics and is currently seeking a dietetic internship while she works as a customer service representative at an insurance group. She took the Veggiecation Training Workshop as an opportunity to further her education and career while at the same time, give her experience in a field she is so passionate about.

With both of her parents being teachers, it’s only natural that Kelly would be interested in educating her peers on healthy eating. While at Montclair State University, she taught other students about proper nutrition and eating healthy on a budget. She believes that education is key when it comes to nutrition. If people had the right information about eating healthy, then they would make smarter decisions when it comes to their diet.

This is Kelly’s main goal at the moment. She is on a mission to disseminate information to the masses.  She’s doing it by building her online presence via social media.  Utilizing the resources we offer through our VEN Membership and the skills she learned during the marketing section of her Veggiecation training, Kelly has created a Facebook page with resources on nutrition, vegetarianism, and cooking.

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(Roasted pumpkin seed recipe created by Kelly and posted on her Facebook page, check it out here!)

What has been the best thing about your Veggiecation training? And VEN membership? (via Kelly)

The Veggiecation training was very well done. It’s extensive enough so that a Veggiecator has what they need to teach a class afterwards but also enough leeway to make it their own. I knew most of the nutrition information going into training anyway, but having the training to help learn to teach was extremely helpful since I’d already had some experience but not a lot. Having the VEN membership is also extremely convenient since Veggiecation provides everything that we need in order to get the business going. The spreadsheets, the elevator speeches designed to encourage potential clients, healthy recipes; everything is right at your fingertips, so it can be as big or small as you want it to be! It’s crazy how much we get for just $29 a month.

What's your favorite anecdote about an especially cute or picky child? (via Veggiecation)

Kelly informed us that she was the pickiest of them as a child! It wasn’t until she saw a certain large muscled cartoon, aka Pop-Eye, thoroughly enjoy and benefit from eating spinach that she decided to explore the wonderful world of veggies…starting with spinach of course!

What are your favorite recipes to use? (via Kelly)

I have been trying out a lot of potential recipes to use for classes. For instance, one of the one’s I’ve made that came out very good was the Spicy Kale Chips, they require very few ingredients and taste amazing! The only hindrance is that it requires an oven which not a lot of locations can provide. Another recipe that I’ve tried is the “Refresh Yourself! Salad” I was a little concerned having never worked with avocados outside of guacamole before. However, it certainly didn’t disappoint! It’s another recipe that requires minimal preparation and ingredients while tasting wonderfully fresh! 

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